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Babe Ruth Softball Tournament Trail
2013 Florida State Championships


Pick up your Team Book!
If you get eliminated, please come to the room above the concession stand to pick up your Team Book.
Tournament Brackets - WE'RE DONE!
Click on the Age Division name to download the bracket.  Home teams were decide at the Managers Meeting by coin flips.  The team at the TOP of the bracket occupies the 1ST BASE DUGOUT.
Hit counter at 4:41 PM - July 7, 2013: 57,301
6U Championships 5 9 D6-Longwood
6U Florida State Champions
6U Runners-Up

6U Division - D6-Longwood on the left and D6-Altamonte on the right... 

8U Championships 17 33 D5-Creeks
8U Florida State Champions
8U Runners-Up
8U Division - D6-Altamonte on the left and D5-Creeks on the right...
10U Championships 14 27 D5-Creeks
10U Florida State Champions
10U Runners-Up
10U Division - D5-Creeks on the left and D7-Oviedo on the right...
12U Championships 16 31 D3-Gilchrist
12U Florida State Champions
D5-Ormond Beach
12U Runners-Up
12U Division - D3-Gilchrist on the left and D5-Ormond Beach on the right...
14U Championships 10 19 D6-Mount Dora
14U Florida State Champions
D7-Winter Park
14U Runners-Up
14U Division - D6-Mount Dora on the left and D7-Winter Park on the right...
16U Championships 6 11 Thru Game 10
16U Division - D7-Winter Park on the left and D3-Branford on the right...

TOTALS: 68 130 Most ever for a FSC!

No metal cleats - Babe Ruth Softball Rule: 1.11 (g)
No player shall attach anything to the heel or toe of her shoe other than the ordinary shoe plate or toe plate.  Shoes with metal spikes or cleats are not permitted. 

Team Gift Bag Exchange Schedule

In MOST cases, teams will exchange their Team Gift Bags AFTER their FIRST game.  The teams will do the exchange on the field, between HOME PLATE and the PITCHING RUBBER.

The list below shows the Division and Game Number where the two teams will do their Team Gift Bag Exchange in this manner:

10U GAME 1, GAME 2, GAME 3, GAME 4, GAME 5, GAME 6
12U GAME 1, GAME 2, GAME 3, GAME 4, GAME 5, GAME 6, GAME 7, GAME 8
14U GAME 1, GAME 2, GAME 3, GAME 4
16U GAME 1, GAME 2

The 6U, 8U, 10U, 14U, and 16U Divisions have unusaul situations.  In those cases, we have to do some creative manuvering to have ALL teams participate in the Team Gift Bag Exchange.  So, here is the schedule for those teams who DON'T play in one of the games listed above:

6U GAME 2 and GAME 3
Teams that have yet to exchange bags, will do a three (3) team exchange following Game 2 on Field 3:
  • D6-Longwood will GIVE their bags to D6-Altamonte
  • D6-Altamonte will GIVE their bags to D3-Madison
  • D3-Madison will GIVE their bags to D6-Longwood
8U GAME 8 and GAME 9
Teams that have yet to exchange bags, will do a three (3) team exchange following Game 8 on Field 4:
  • D6-Longwood will GIVE their bags to D1-NFGS
  • D1-NFGS will GIVE their bags to D3-Williston Youth
  • D3-Williston Youth will GIVE their bags to D6-Longwood
10U GAME 7 and GAME 9
Teams that have yet to exchange bags, will do a two (2) team exchange following Game 7 on Field 1. 
  • D6-Longwood will EXCHANGE with D2-Middleburg
14U GAME 5 and GAME 6
Teams that have yet to exchange bags, will do a two (2) team exchange following Game 6 on Field 6If Game 5 finishes AFTER Game 6, please do the exchange on Field 5 instead
  • D3-Ft. White will EXCHANGE with D3-Wesconnett
16U GAME 3 and GAME 4
Teams that have yet to exchange bags, will do a two (2) team exchange following Game 4 on Field 6If Game 3 finishes AFTER Game 4, please do the exchange on Field 5 instead
  • D5-Port Orange will EXCHANGE with D5-Mandarin

Go to the Information for Teams page, item number 12 - Team Gift Bag Exchange for all the details.

Ocala is in Marion County

There is lots to do in Marion County.  The Ocala Marion County Tourism Council has a great Web site that shows you what you can do during the week of the Tournament.  

Here is their Web site:

  • Blind Draw Meeting
This is not a mandatory meeting for coaches.  The purpose of the meeting is to seed the teams into the brackets. Anybody can attend.  We just need some eye-witnesses to validate the "blindness" of the draw.  This meeting is hosted by the Florida State Commissioner and the Tournament Director.

Tuesday, June 25th at 7:00 PM
Shocker Park - Above the Concession Stand
2371 SE 44th Court
Ocala, FL  34471
  • Managers Meeting
Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:00 PM
Hilton Ocala
3600 SW 36th Ave
Ocala, FL  34474
(352) 854-1400
  • Games Begin
Wednesday, July 3rd
Shocker Park
2371 SE 44th Court
Ocala, FL  34471
  • Opening Ceremonies
Thursday, July 4th
Specific event times will be posted later
  • Elimination Games Begin
Friday, July 5th
  • Championship Games
Sunday, July 7th

Skills Challenge Events

The Skills Challenge, which is held prior to the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday evening, will consist of five (5) events.  Because of the constraints of time, only seven (7) players from each team will be able to participate.  Managers select players who will represent their teams.

Depending on the event, participants will either run, hit, throw or catch.  Contestents will score points.  Awards will be given to the first and second place winners in each event/age-division.  The points each contestant scores will be added with others from her own team.  Those teams scoring the highest number of points will be the winner in their age-division.

Here is a description of each event:

Task 1 - The Hitting Derby
The Hitter will take five (5) swings.  Where the ball stops rolling will determine the point value of each hit.  Her total score will be the sum of the five hits.  Pitches will be delivered from a spring loaded machine.  6U girls will use a tee.  The machine will be set on various speeds based on age-division: 8U-32 MPH, 10U 36 MPH, 12U 40 MPH, 14U/16U 44 MPH. 

One (1) per team


Task 2 - Pitching Strikes
The Pitcher will have seven (7) pitches to throw a strike.  The point value of each successful strike is determined by the number on the ball.  The first few pitches will be worth less than the last few pitches.

One (1) per team

Task 3 - Base Running

The Base Runner will start at home running around the bases.  A stop watch will be used to determine the the runner's time.  The runner must touch each base and home plate.
Two (2) per team


Task 4 - Throwing the Runner Out at the Plate
Five (5) balls will be rolled to an Outfielder who must immediately pick up the ball and throw it home.  Points are awarded by hitting targets of different values near home plate.  The distance of the throw varies by age-division.
One (1) per team

Task 5 - Throwing the Runner out at 2nd Base

This is a two (2) player task - A pitch will be delivered from a pitching machine and caught by the Catcher, who then throws the ball down to the Shortstop, who must catch the ball then tag 2nd base.  The Shortstop begins the pitch stationed at a traditional shortstop position.  A stopwatch will be used to determine the time from the moment the Catcher touches the ball - to the moment 2nd base is tagged by the Shortstop.  The team will have three (3) attempts to record a fast time.  Their single fastest time will be what determines their standings.  The Shortstop must successfully tag 2nd base, with her glove, and the ball in her glove for their time to count.
Two (2) per team


Last Year
Babe Ruth Softball Tournament Trail
2012 Florida State Championships


Skills Challenge Team Winners (2012)

  • 06U - Altamonte
  • 08U - Creeks Crushers
  • 10U - Winter Springs
  • 12U - MSA
  • 14U - Winter Park
  • 16U - Fort White


Tournament Brackets (2012)

The Tournament is COMPLETE...
Hit counter at 5:00 PM - July 8, 2012: 24,400

6U Championships 4 6 D3-Oviedo
6U Florida State Champions

D3-Winter Springs
6U Runners-Up
8U Championships 14 26 D6-Longwood
8U Florida State Champions

8U Runners-Up
10U Championships 17 33 D3-Winter Springs
10U Florida State Champions
10U Runners-Up
12U Championships 16 31 D3-Oviedo
12U Florida State Champions

D3-Winter Park
12U Runners-Up
14U Championships 7 12 D6-Longwood
14U Florida State Champions
14U Runners-Up
16U Championships 7 12 D1-Southeast Volusia
16U Florida State Champions

D4-Fort White
16U Runners-Up
TOTALS: 65 120